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Derivatives pricing at the speed you need.

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Others promise no programming. SciFinance delivers.

SciFinance® eliminates programming by automatically translating model specifications for any financial derivative into fully documented C-family source code.

Using an intuitive VHLL for describing financial contracts and numerical methods, SciFinance provides a friendly, versatile environment in which to make and implement modeling decisions.

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Computational Finance Consulting

Our skilled, professional quantitative development team provides expert, cost-effective derivatives consulting services.

From implementing industry standard pricing models for any asset class to enhancing risk simulation models, we offer comprehensive derivatives support. Unlike vendors who rely on pre-built libraries or toolkits, SciComp Consulting custom designs each model specification in accordance with customer requirements using state-of-the-art numerical methods.

SciComp Consulting Delivers:

Risk Management Consulting

  • Risk simulation models
  • Derivatives model validation
  • Parallel computing of derivatives pricing models and risk system components


Comprehensive Pricing Model Validation

Models are crucial for the functioning of financial institution. SciFinance and Analytic Space both feature cutting edge derivatives pricing model validation functionality.

Analytic Space: Where Algorithms Meet Data

Analytic Space, jointly developed by SciComp and IBS Capital, is a customizable portfolio risk management framework for exchange traded and OTC cash and derivative instruments.

SciComp Standalone Products

Multi-Asset Equity and Variance Linked Notes

Readily customizable, the pricing models are available as a stand-alone Excel spreadsheet/add-in, Windows/Unix executable or as part of SciFinance.

Universal Convertible Bond Pricing Model

Ready-to-use, off-the-shelf pricing and risk engine that employs a PDE methodology for valuing convertible bonds. Accurately captures dividends and provides much smoother and faster price convergence than tree-based approaches.

Yield Curve Builder

The Yield Curve Builder is a flexible, robust, Excel based .NET/XML solution for constructing swap, treasury, spread, FX basis and OIS curves.

Stochastic Local Volatility Calibrator

Specialized to the FX market, supports the valuation of instruments that fall between pure local volatility (LV) and pure stochastic volatility (SV).